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Truffle hunting in Umbria

Delicious truffle Day Tour
Assisi - Spello

Truffle hunting in Umbria

This tour “Truffle Hunting” will make your day absolutely special

Experience this old tradition of Umbria, the region producing the highest number of black truffles in Italy. Truffle in Umbria is also known as “the King of the Table” or the ‘Black Diamond of the Kitchen’ since it is a real specialty and fetches a high price.

Truffles are precious, rare, and delicious! Hunting truffle means walking, knowing the territory, loving dogs, and preserving land for future generations, respecting nature. It is hard but fulfilling work.

An expert and his well-trained truffle dogs will guide you during this special and exciting activity. Dogs will be leading you in the hunting for the precious black truffles of Umbria, an extraordinary experience.

Book this enjoyable day in nature by tasting some of the typical special dishes of our Umbrian cuisine!  

Truffle hunting in Umbria, Italy: a one-of-a-kind experience!

Truffle hunting in Umbria

Truffle hunting in an Agriturismo near Assisi

This “Truffle hunting” tour is a mix of new and exciting discoveries, you will learn many things while having lots of fun!  We are in a farmhouse on the hills of Assisi, a few km outside town, immersed in an unspoiled landscape, rich in truffles. Already from a long time ago, farmers searched for truffles first with pigs, who have a very sensitive nose … but tried to eat the truffle, when they found it. Then they hunted with the more reliable dogs. This activity takes place, around the farmhouse on the edge of the Park of Mount Subasio. An expert with his truffle dogs will guide you. During the walk, you will observe and learn to classify the products of the forest, with particular reference to truffles. 


Program in short

  • Individual arrival at the farmhouse and welcome. Presentation of the farm and the main agricultural activities.
  • A brief explanation of the route and the activity of “Truffle digging”.
  • Start the activity outdoors, searching for truffles in the farm woods with an expert guide and his truffle dog (or dogs).
  • At the end of the search, after finding the truffles, you will have an explanation of the main characteristics of the ecosystem and the species of truffles found, their food uses, etc.
  • Preparation and tasting of truffle-based dishes.
  • Duration: ca. 2,5-4 hours


The tour includes:

  • Truffle hunting with expert and truffle dogs
  • Educational (explanation of the characteristics of the forest products found outdoors, food uses, etc.)
  • Snack or dinner with some truffle dishes (drinks not included)

Dates: daily from April until the end of October (August upon request).

Very special tour in a real farmhouse, immersed in the unspoiled nature of the Monte Subasio Natural Park!  

agriturismo Monte Subasio
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Truffle hunting in Umbria

Not too difficult to walk: for 1 hour on hilly terrain.

Difficulty level 1   

DEPARTURES: from April until mid-October on request / depending on weather conditions / not during Italian holidays and from 04/08-18/08/2024

PARTICIPANTS: 2 or more people. 

START/FINISH: near Assisi 



From  € 55