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Treasures of the green valley (Leisure)

An 8-day / 7-night cycling tour
Assisi – Spello – Foligno – Spoleto – Montefalco – Bevagna – Torgiano - Perugia

A cycle tour through the Valle Umbra

This cycling tour along quiet country roads makes you feel realxed, enjoying the colourful fields, with a beautiful backdrop of hills covered with silver-green olive groves and fertile vineyards. Umbria has been praised for its natural beauty since Roman times. It always has been a green region with many lakes, rivers, refreshing springs, mountain streams and waterfalls. This is a not-too-strenuous cycle tour, since it takes place for a big part in the valley. Only a few rolling parts will bring up you to lively, medieval villages and towns of the green valley ‘Valle Umbra‘, such as Assisi, Spello, Spoleto, Montefalco and Perugia. Thanks to the reduced daily distances, you will have enough time to visit these towns and is it a tour also suitable for families.

fountain of Assisi

The tour starts and finishes close to Assisi, which rises on a mountainous branch of the Monte Subasio, and its highest point, where the castle is located, is 505m a.s.l.. This beautiful pilgrimage town with its narrow alleys, cosy squares and many medieval monuments will make an unforgettable impression. On the first day you pass the medieval town of Spello. Worth to visit it the museum with mosaics of a Roman Villa. Back in the saddle again, you reach the centre of Foligno with its magnificent Duomo. A scenic route winds its way through the fertile valley till Casco dell’Acqua, situated at the babbling Clitunno-river and immersed in an enchanting oasis of peace.  From the garden you have a stunning view of Montefalco. The second day you will make a fascinating circular tour among olive groves to Spoleto. You will have enough time to visit this interesting town. It is full of life, with many squares, lovely little streets and many sights to visit, such as the Duomo with the frescoes of the Florentine painter Filippo Lippi, the Roman Theatre and the medieval bridge and aqueduct Ponte delle Torri. 

view of Montefalco

The second part of the tour is not less interesting, because it will bring you to Montefalco, Bevagna, Torgiano and Perugia, the capital of the province. Wandering around you will admire its solemn Renaissance palaces, museums, impressive churches and tightly winding shopping streets. A short ride along quiet country roads of the valley Umbra, will lead you back to Assisi, which you will view from afar. You have plenty of time to vist the old town centre.          

The Treasures of the green valley for families


You cycle through a landscape of gentle, rolling hills. This generally easy route, mostly flat, with short daily distances, makes this an ideal tour for leisure cyclists.  There are not too many climbs and if possible there will be offered an alternative. It is a tour suitable for all. Some cycle experience is needed, especially for children. The daily distances are restricted to

Average daily distances: between 25 km – 53 km / 15,5 mi – 33 mi

Total km minimum 177 km / 110 mi or maximum 205 km / 127,4 mi

 Difficulty level 2  

Self-Guided: from 1 April till 31 October (except 07/08-20/08)

1 or more people. 

START / FINISH: Assisi / Assisi



From € 537

Daily program of

8-day / 7-night tour

Day 1 | Individual arrival at your hotel in Assisi

Assisi is a pilgrimage town built on the slopes of Mount Subasio, overlooking the green Valle Umbra. It is a place in which history, traditions, and art are harmoniously combined. If you arrive early today, you could already discover this beautiful city wandering through its alleys, streets and stop at one of the cosy squares, where cafés are inviting you to sit down and enjoy a ‘gelato’. There are many monuments worth a visit, like the Basilicas of St. Francis and of St. Clare, the fortress, many museums, and the Roman Forum. Drop off bicycles, route briefing, and instruction. Overnight stay with breakfast in a *** or **** star hotel in Assisi.

Day 2 | Assisi – Spello – Foligno – Casco dell’Acqua (26 km / 16,2 mi)

You leave your hotel and cycle along the slopes of Mount Subasio to Spello. There is enough time this morning to wander around this charming ancient town, pleasantly situated on the southern slopes of Mount Subasio. In urban, architectural and artistic terms, Spello is an extremely interesting town, containing many features dating back to the Roman and medieval times. Spello is also called the town of flowers, because of its many colourful little alleys embellished with plants and flowers. The town is well known for its special flower festival (‘infiorata’) for Corpus Domini. After Spello you descend to Foligno, which is in the valley. You pass along the main square with its beautiful ‘duomo’, which still has a Romanesque façade. Continuing along the lively main shopping street, you will leave the town to cycle the last km of your route, across the fertile valley with its colourful fields and various waterways. Your country house is situated just outside the village of Casco dell’Acqua.

Overnight stay with breakfast in Casco dell’Acqua
Distance: 26 km / 16,2 mi
Ascent/descent +166 – 329m

Day 3 | Casco dell’Acqua - Spoleto – Casco dell’Acqua (51 km / 31,7 mi or 44 km / 27,3 mi)

This morning the route among olive groves will take you to Spoleto. You can already see Spoleto from afar, with its castle dominating the hilltop on which the medieval part of the town is built. The centre is still largely inside the medieval town walls. Spoleto is very famous for its music festival ‘dei due mondi’, held the end of June, beginning of July. There is a lot to see in Spoleto, including the cathedral with its famous frescoes by the Florentine painter Filippo Lippi, the Roman house and the Roman theatre with an annexed archaeological museum. Leaving Spoleto you cycle along the cycle path back to Casco dell’Acqua.

Overnight stay with breakfast in Casco dell’Acqua
Long route
Distance: 51 km / 31,7 mi
Ascent/descent +292 – 292m

Short route
Distance: 44 km / 27,3 mi
Ascent/descent +146 – 146m

Day 4 | Casco dell’Acqua – Montefalco – Bevagna (28 km / 17,4 mi)

Biking through a slightly undulating landscape you will already see Montefalco from a distance. At the foot of this town, you have the option to continue cycling through the valley directly to Bevagna or to visit Montefalco… but to reach this lovely town you first have to conquer a severe climb. Montefalco (472 m a.s.l.) is also known as the ‘balcony of Umbria’, because of the fantastic panorama. Artists such as Benozzo Gozzoli and Perugino decorate the Franciscan church, now a museum, with magnificent 15th and 16th-century frescoes. Montefalco is well-known for its excellent wines, Rosso di Montefalco d.o.c. and Sagrantino d.o.c.g , produced on the sunny slopes around the town, and of course, it is almost impossible to leave the town without tasting them in one of the many wine bars.
From Montefalco, you go downhill to Bevagna. This town has a lovely medieval square with a fountain and two Romanesque churches. The square is a real meeting place for the friendly inhabitants of the town.

Overnight stay with breakfast in Bevagna

Higher route passing Montefalco
Distance: 26 km / 16,2 mi
Ascent/descent +290m – 284m

Low route NOT passing Montefalco
Distance: 28 km / 17,4 mi
Ascent/descent +162m – 148m

Day 5 | Bevagna – Torgiano (30 km / 18,6 mi)

In the morning, you still could dedicate some time to visit Bevagna. It has a nice town centre with interesting monuments. Leaving it you continue cycling. First a slight climb to Torre del Colle, a small medieval walled in the village. Then mostly through the valley up to Torgiano, a small ‘borgo’ at the confluence of the rivers Chiascio and Tiber (Tevere), famous for its excellent wines. It has a nice wine museum and an olive oil museum. Your hotel is in the quiet town centre. It has a nice swimming pool with a view of the vineyards.

Overnight stay with breakfast in Torgiano
Distance: 30 km / 18,6 mi
Ascent/descent +151m – 147m

Day 6 | Torgiano – Perugia – Torgiano (24 km / 14,9 mi) or Torgiano – Deruta - Torgiano (30 km / 18,6 mi)

Today there are different options:

1. Visiting Perugia: cycling and train
This trip takes you to the neighboring town of Perugia, which is the capital of the province. A short cycle tour takes you to the station in Ponte S.Giovanni at the foot of Perugia. From here a local train will take you into the historic centre of Perugia. The centre, with its little alleys and characteristic town squares, is a lively vibrant place. The renaissance palaces, medieval churches, museums and many galleries will make a lasting impression. After your visit, you return by train and bike to the peaceful, hospitable town of Torgiano.

Overnight stay with breakfast in Torgiano
Distance: 24 km / 14,9 mi
Ascent/descent +218m – 212m

2. Visiting Perugia: cycling to the old town centre
This trip takes you to Perugia, which is the capital of the province. Cycling along quiet country roads, you reach Perugia. A climb will bring you to the old town centre, with its little alleys and characteristic town squares. There is a lot to see like renaissance palaces, medieval churches, museums, and many galleries. After your visit, you return cycling to the peaceful, hospitable town of Torgiano.

Distance: 32 km / 19,9 mi
Ascent/descent +400m – 442m

3. A loop in the surroundings of Torgiano
Close to Torgiano (6 km) is the village of Deruta, which has in part, managed to retain the highly distinctive features of its medieval buildings. Deruta is universally famous for its ceramics. The origins of this ancient art go back as far as the Etruscan times and nowadays the many local workshops still make excellent quality ceramics. Numerous Italian and foreign museums have pieces of Deruta ceramics on show, including the Victoria and Albert Museum. The town hall hosts the art gallery and the ceramics museum. The next stop is the sanctuary of Madonna dei Bagni, which has built after a miracle, which took place in the year 1657. Inside the church, there are more than 600 votive tiles, all testimony to the tradition of the Deruta ceramics. Cycling through a beautiful hilly landscape, you pass typical Umbrian hamlets like Casalalta. Your cycle back to Torgiano is through the Tiber valley. Torgiano, like Montefalco, is famous for its excellent red and white wines. There is an interesting wine museum to visit and next-door you can taste the wines of the Lungarotti family in the ‘osteria’.

Long & higher route
Distance: 45 km / 28 mi
Ascent/descent +508m – 546m

Short & lower route
Distance: 30 km / 18,6 mi
Ascent/descent +217m – 215m

Day 7 | Torgiano – Assisi (25 km / 15,5 mi)

Today you will cross the valley, cycling on quiet country roads. You will already see Assisi from afar as, like many other Umbrian towns, it is built on a hilltop. Before reaching Assisi, however, you can stop for a moment to visit the Franciscan basilica in S.Maria degli Angeli. Under its impressive dome still lies the humble little chapel ‘Porziuncola’ where Saint Francis came to pray.
To reach the beautiful historical centre of Assisi you have to make a short steep climb, but wandering through the town you will agree that it was worth the effort. You will have enough time to visit the main monuments of the town, like the basilica of Saint Francis with its beautiful frescoes by the painters Giotto, Simone Martini, Cimabue and Pietro Lorenzetti. Your overnight stay will be in the hotel where you started your tour.

Overnight stay with breakfast in Assisi
Distance: 25 km / 15,5 mi
Ascent/descent +251 – 54m

Day 8 | End of tour after breakfast

After breakfast, the tour is finished or can be extended with an extra night.