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Gourmet Tours

Umbria, a lot to see and a to taste!

Food & Wine Experiences

In Umbria there is not only a lot to see, but also to taste. It is a land with great flavours.  Food and wine have a central place in the Umbrian hospitality. Umbrian’s love to invite their friends to have a good meal together.  It is the homeland of excellent red and white wines, black truffle, pecorino cheese, cured meat like salami’s, raw hams from Norcia, lentils from Castelluccio, deep green extra virgin olive oil and the roasted pork ‘porchetta’.

Our food and wine tours are an excellent way to experience the good and genuine local gastronomic traditions and the tasty wines of this lovely area.

Umbria is beautiful and tasty !

An eno-gastronomic cycling tour

A tasty 8-day cycling holiday in Umbria

This tour for foodies is the perfect combination of cycling in a natural environment, exploring around culturally interesting towns, and discovering the excellent wines and gastronomic traditions of this lovely area.

Difficulty: 2

From April till the End of Oktober

Cycle tour for foodies

discover the specialties of the Valle Umbra

2 or more people.
You cycle through a landscape of gentle, rolling hills. Throughout these tours the steeper slopes are short and the longer ones are not too steep.

From € 845
group during cooking class in Umbria

A food tour through the Valle Umbra

cooking classes & truffle hunting

This food tour offers the best of Umbria: nature, cultural interesting towns, and good food.

Difficulty: 1

Code: G 008 UMB 

Departures :
all year round (during festivities and in winter on request)

A wonderful discovery trip to culinary traditions

A 5- day gourmet holiday in Umbria

2 or more people.
Easy level cooking class and truffle hunting

From  € 780

A yummy bike path

A 5 or 6-day gastronomic cycle tour

The Assisi-Spoleto bike path cycle tour is a tour suitable for everyone. This tour is a delightful mixture of cycling and a food & wine experience.

Difficulty: 1

daily from April until the end of October (in winter and during festivities on request)

Discover the delicacies of the Valle Umbra

Cooking class in Assisi, wine-tasting in Bevagna and dinner in Spoleto

2 or more people.
Easy cycling tour, suitable for all

From € 500
Rosone Meravigliosa Umbria Divider
aceto balsamico Assisi

Cycling and wine-tasting tour

A 4 or 5-day cycling tour

During this tour you will discover the Umbrian valley, Valle Umbra in all it aspects. This green fertile valley stretches out from Assisi until Spoleto.
CG 001 UMB

walking to Montefalco

Walking in Umbria, an eno-gastronomic surprise

a tasty 7-day walking tour

This walking tour for food lovers has the beautiful green and hilly Umbria as a backdrop. It is a perfect combination of walking, exploring around culturally interesting towns, and enjoying excellent wines and gastronomic traditions.

Level: 2

WG 003 UMB

tasting wine

Delicious Umbrian food & wine tour

A 5-day wine trip by car

The astonishing landscapes with rolling hills, small medieval towns, fertile lands with vineyards and olive groves, transparent rivers, small lakes and excellent food will make your holiday in Umbria an unforgettable experience.
G 004 UMB

Cooking class in agriturismo, truffle hunting & wine-tasting

A 4-day gourmet tour near Assisi

Aren’t you curious, which dishes are served on the table of the Umbrian families? This gourmet package introduces you to delicious Umbrian dishes and specialties.
G 006 UMB

Cooking class Trevi

An eno-gastronomic discovery: shopping, cooking class & wine-tasting

A 4-day Food & Wine tour

This short eno-gastronomic holiday is a travel through the culinary tradition of the beautiful Valle Umbra, a fertile valley with many waterways surrounded by a backdrop of green hills covered with vineyards and olive groves.
G 007 UMB

erb garden Norcia

An Umbrian foodie vacation in historic houses

A 5-day wine & food tour

Umbria is known for its beautiful nature, medieval villages, fine wines and delicious local cuisine. During this tour you will see two different parts of Umbria.

G 009 UMB

lake trasimeno

A taste of Tuscany and Umbria

Gourmet experiences

An extraordinary food and wine journey through two beautiful regions: stunning art cities, food specialties, nature, and excellent wines