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A ‘digital’ wine-tasting of organic wines

An avant-garde experience
bring the taste of italy to your home

The owners of an organic winery near Assisi in Umbria will welcome you online and together with them, you make a sensorial analysis tasting organic wines, savoring Umbria, and creating an atmosphere of a real tasting during an Italian holiday

... if you cannot come to Italy, Italy comes to you ...
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A ‘digital’ wine-tasting of organic wines

Daily all year round (holidays and Sundays on request).

Online wine-tasting of 1 hour
3 bottles of wine chosen by you
Delivery of the wines at your home address

You choose the wines
You give us your address, e-mail and telephone number
We will send the wines
You book date and time of your wine-tasting

1 or more people.

Assisi and your home

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