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Wines of Montefalco & Truffle of Norcia

A 5-day wine & food tour
Montefalco - Norcia

An Umbrian foodie vacation in historic houses

Umbria is known for its beautiful nature, medieval villages, fine wines and delicious local cuisine. During this tour you will see two different parts of Umbria. Bevagna is situated in the Valle Umbra, a fertile valley with small medieval villages and famous for its high quality wines. Norcia, with in the background the Sibylline mountains, is a good place to taste the local truffle dishes such as pasta with truffles, the omelette with truffles, or truffle salad. It is also famous for its production of salamis and raw hams.

erb garden Norcia

The tour starts in Bevagna, at the foot of the town of Montefalco, a hilltop town, famous for its Rosso di Montefalco and Sagrantino wines. You will stay in a Residenza d’Epoca and have a cooking class in a super restaurant housed in the remains of a Roman theatre built in the first century A.D. under Emperor Trajan. You will prepare a four courses meal that you will enjoy at lunch combined with a Montefalco Rosso wine. It will be an unforgettable experience!

You leave Bevagna and on the way to Norcia, you will have time to stop and visit Spoleto. The city is situated in the southern part of the Umbrian Valley. The medieval centre lies on a hill. There is a lot to see: the Cathedral with frescoes by Filippo Lippi and works by Pinturicchio, the fortress, which can be clearly seen from far away, the aqueduct or Ponte delle Torri, a Roman house, a Roman theatre, numerous churches, and museums.  Spoleto is not only rich in things to visit, but is also a pleasant place for shopping, with numerous good restaurants.

Before going to Norcia you could also book an easy walk through the vineyards of the Montefalco wines. A guide, who knows all about winemaking, will accompany you. After this relaxing walk, you have a wine-tasting in a winery, where you will have an interesting explanation about winemaking and taste the famous Montefalco wines.

view from hotel Norcia

Norcia is situated on the plateau of Santa Scolastica. The city is famous for its truffle, pecorino cheese, salami, and raw ham (prosciutto). This Norcineria, like Fiaschette del Prete (a finely ground salami), the gorgeous Norcia ham, and the so-called mule’s testicles, is offered in many delicacy shops and restaurants.  The historic centre of the city has been damaged by the latest earthquake in 2016 (churches have been particularly damaged) but thanks to the energy and collaboration of the inhabitants of Norcia, the town is now largely being restored.

You will stay in a Relais in the centre, a historic palace. The Relais has a restaurant awarded with one star Michelin, where you have dinner the evening of your arrival, and you could relax in the spa centre.  The next morning you will have a cooking lesson with the chef and/or his team and in the afternoon an enjoyable walk searching for truffle with a picnic.

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Wines from Montefalco &Truffle from Norcia


The truffle hunting walk is easy. Also, the cooking classes are suitable for all.

Difficulty level 1   


From 01/04/2023 until 31/10/2023

The start day in Norcia is Sunday, Monday, or Thursday

The start day in Bevagna is Friday, Saturday, or Tuesday.

Not possible during international and national holidays and special events.

2 or more people. 

START/ FINISH: Montefalco / Norcia (or vice versa)



From € 1.165

Daily program of

5-day gourmet tour

Day 1 | Arrival at your hotel in San Luca (Montefalco)

Individual arrival in your lovely historic hotel in Bevagna, which preserves Italian lifestyle and the original fittings since 1788. The hotel is praised by it warm hospitality and Umbrian charm. A unique place to have a perfect holiday.

Day 2 | Exploring the Umbrian Cookery

At 10.00 a.m. you are awaited in the restaurant Redibis, where the chef and Maître will teach you all about Italian cooking techniques. The restaurant offers Umbrian flavours with a modern touch. Recipes vary according to the season: you will use only local and fresh ingredients available at that time of the year. You will prepare your lunch from starter to dessert and then enjoy your lunch with an excellent Rosso di Montafalco.

Instead of a cooking class it is also possible to book an easy walk through the vineyards of Montefalco with a guide. After the walk, you will have a wine-tasting (discount).

Day 3 | Norcia

After breakfast, you leave Bevagna and you will have time to visit other cities of the Umbrian Valley such as Assisi, Bevagna and Spoleto.

You could also decide to discover more about the Montefalco wines and book an extra excursion: an easy walk through the vineyards of Montefalco and a visit of a winery. You meet your guide Cristiano, who knows all about winemaking.
The walking tour is 6 km long and the level is easy. At the end you visit a winery and have a wine-tasting or wine-tasting and light lunch.

Overnight in the historic centre of Norcia, at a Relais.
Dinner with at restaurant Vespasia, restaurant with one star Michelin. You can choose between menu Acqua, Terra or Orto. To make the Vespasia project sustainable in compliance with their Ethical Manifest, it is necessary to book your dinner and choose your menu at least by 8 pm the previous day.

Day 4 | Truffle hunting and cooking class

In the morning, you have a cooking lesson with the Michelin star chef and/or his staff. They will reveal the secrets of some typical Umbrian recipes. During the course you taste what is prepared. In the afternoon, you go looking for truffles near Norcia. Truffles, the black diamonds of kitchen, are a rare delight and not an opportunity to be missed. You will walk with the truffle hunter and his cute dogs through the words in search for truffles and have afterwards a picnic.

Free evening and dinner at your choice in Norcia.

Day 5 | End of tour after breakfast

End of this exquisite tour in search of the flavours of Umbria.

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