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Hiking through the vineyards of Montefalco and wine-tasting

A lovely day tour

The world of Vines

This Walking Tour with Wine Tasting will be a perfect combination of Nature and taste; what the Umbria region can offer at its best!

A tour overall planned to learn, to create awareness rather than being focused only on walking. The walking tour is suitable for everyone, even families with children (over 6 years old). An environmental guide who will explain the history of the place will accompany you and of the vine that has made Montefalco famous throughout the world: the Sagrantino vine. You will learn to recognize the varieties of vines that are grown in the area, to understand how pruning is carried out and what are the main operations done in the vineyard during the year as well as many other curiosities related to the world of wine. You will be surrounded in every season by beautiful and silent panoramas, immersed in the colors of the countryside waiting to taste the authentic flavors of the area.

The walking tour will take place around a winery near Montefalco, in Umbria, in an extraordinary area surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. The family-run winery produces the main types of Montefalco’s DOC and DOCG wines with the most modern sustainable agriculture techniques in an area that has always been perfect for viticulture. After this beautiful walk surrounded by Nature, you will return to the starting point. 

Afterward, you could visit Montefalco, which has a nice medieval center. Worthwhile to visit is the museum in the San Francesco church

Do not miss this exciting experience for the whole family!

walking olive groves and vineyards Montefalco

Program in short

  • Individual arrival at a winery with the possibility to park your car (free of charge).  
  • Meet at the winery at 9.00 a.m. with your tour guide (or, upon request, in the afternoon but only for the basic tasting).  
  • Departure for your hiking tour surrounded by the countryside. Your guide will escort you, explaining the characteristics of the territory and of the area you will walk through.
  • At the end of the walking tour of about 6 km (3.73 miles), return to the winery.  
  • You will taste the different types of Montefalco DOC and DOCG wines 
  • Tasting of traditional bruschetta with Extra Virgin Olive oil and or cheeses / cold cuts.
  • After the tasting end of our services.   
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Hiking through the vineyards of Montefalco and wine-tasting

Easy guided walking tour.  The walk is also suitable for families with children from 6 yrs and on.

Difficulty level 1   

From April to mid-October every day, except Sundays and bank holidays. 

2 or more people. 

START/FINISH: Montefalco



From € 58

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