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Rocciata di Assisi
A delicious recipe to make the typical cake of Assisi (Umbria), La Rocciata. The cake is made with apple, dry fruit, nuts, and the dessert wine Vinsanto
Assisi is a lovely medieval town in Umbria, the green heart of Italy. This picturesque pilgrimage destination is part of UNESCO world heritage since 2000. There are many monuments worth visiting like the Rocca, Basilica of Saint Francis, Basilica of Saint Clare and the loverly main square Piazza del Comune
Wild Asparagus (Asparagus Acutifolius)
Wild Asparagus (Asparagus Acutifolius) is a typical plant of the Mediterranean scrub. In Springtime, many people are searching for asparagus in fields and olive groves and make nice recipes like asparagus crepes.
St.Patrick's well Orvieto
The Pozzo di San Patrizio is a well built by Antonio da Sangallo in Orvieto (Umbria). Its name is derived from the Irish Saint Patrick's Well at the Station Island.
Cascata delle Marmore
The Marmore waterfall in the province of Terni in Umbria is with its 165m the highest waterfall in Europe. It is an artificial waterfall constructed by the Romans.
Painter perugino
The illustrious painter, Pietro Vannucci was called Il Perugino. He was an Umbrian citizen, who has left us extraordinary works, scattered throughout Umbria. Here we point out a characterizing and a real itinerary throughout Umbria following the artist's trail.
San Pietro in Valle
The most ancient and mysterious Benedictine abbeys of Italy, the Abbey of San Pietro in Valle in Umbria rises in a lush wood, halfway up Mount Solenne. The Benedictine abbey of San Pietro in Valle is among the major documents of high-medieval art in central Italy
truffle in Umbria
Truffles are precious, rare, delicious! Truffle hunting is an old tradition of Umbria, one of the regions producing the highest number of black truffles in Italy