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An exciting adventure in the skies of Umbria

An exciting adventure in the skies of Umbria

If the Must of the summer is an “outdoor holiday experience“, Umbria has so much to offer. This day tour is for those who love adventure and the beauty of nature in freedom.
In the beautiful setting of the city of Assisi and the park of Monte Subasio, you can experience the thrill of a free flight in tandem paragliding. An authorized instructor or a pilot will accompany you, so you can enjoy the emotion in complete safety.
Sitting in a comfortable harness with the pilot behind you, you will only have to take a short run on a downhill meadow, the earth will slowly move away from your feet and you will start your flight. You will feel a light breeze on your face: the feeling of safety and stability will give you a sense of freedom that will fill you with joy. After a beautiful flight, you will gradually land on the ground … Once you land, you will look at the sky and you will feel a great desire to try this wonderful experience again.

How does “Paragliding for two” work?

Pilot and passenger get ready and find themselves comfortably seated in their harnesses, the pilot behind and passenger in front, close enough to communicate easily. It all starts with a small run, in an instant, you find yourself in flight sitting as in an armchair: a flight can last from 15 to 40 minutes depending on the location from which you take off, the season, the time, and the weather conditions. During the flight, the video made, you can keep as a memory of an unforgettable experience. Thanks to the video, you can relive the same emotions at home with your friends whenever you want.

What’s included in the price:

  • Paragliding flight
  • Equipment required for flying, helmet included
  • An expert instructor who will fly with you
  • Souvenir video
  • Within about 10 km from the landing field, you can have a free transfer service. Further (more km), price is upon request.


Price does not include:

  • Travel to and from the starting point of the tour


The tandem flight is an experience suitable for everyone, without age limits (however, minimum weight is 30 kg – maximum weight 100 kg).

Difficulty level 1   

Daily, upon request, from April till the end of October. At the time of booking, it is better to give at least 2/3 dates since the activity depends on the weather conditions. The day before the booking date, we will communicate if the weather is right for a safe departure.

1 or more people. 




From € 150,00 p.p.